MOL GROUP and MERAXIS - Introducing an Innovative Array of Sustainable Polypropylene Compounds

MOL Group, a European leader in the petrochemical industry with over 80 years of expertise, is launching its versatile polypropylene compounds enriched with recycled polymer matrices. This product group is intended to contribute to the industry by offering environmentally friendly solutions without compromising on quality.

MOL Group partners with MERAXIS, a leading distributor, to ensure our products reach customers across Europe. This partnership’s flexibility and reliability guarantee that our innovative solutions are readily accessible to meet the needs of our customers.

By choosing REMOLEN© recycled polypropylene compounds, customers can actively contribute to carbon emissions savings, aligning with their environmental goals.

Each lot of REMOLEN© compounds undergoes rigorous quality control to meet the specific material requirements of our valued customers. Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. MOL Group and MERAXIS collaborate to secure reliable feedstock, ensuring consistent product excellence.

In line with MOL Group ‘s 2030+ Strategy, we are on a trajectory to become a net-zero emitter by 2050. We are dedicated to offering sustainable compound solutions to European industries. Our compound product portfolio includes homopolymer and copolymer-based PP compounds with mineral fillers, glass fibers and natural fibers.

For more information or inquiries about our multipurpose polypropylene compounds please contact the dedicated team of MOL Group ( or trusted distributor MERAXIS AG ( as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, delivering sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of industries across Europe.
Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future!