30 years in Poland

MOL Group Chemicals is celebrating this year the 30 years anniversary of being present on the Polish market.

The history:

Albion Chemical Trading started selling plastic end-products and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) granulates of the Tiszaújváros polymer site (that time called TVK) in Poland in 1993. In 1996 Britchem Trading Ltd. overtook the business of Albion Chemicals as an exclusive supplier of TVK granulates in Poland and established its local subsidiary, Britchem Polska sp. z o.o. The subsidiary had been acquired by TVK and renamed to TVK Polska Sp z o.o. in 1999. In 2003, following the acquisition of Slovnaft by MOL Plc., TVK Polska extended its portfolio with Slovnaft products and in 2005 its sales activity had been rolled out to the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Slovnaft Polska overtook TVK Polska in 2012 and Slovnaft Polska Petchem department was created.

Poland is one of the biggest export markets of MOL Group Chemicals and the sold volume continuously increased in the past years. In the first years a couple of hundred tons of polyolefins were sold, while sales reached 400 times higher level by 2022! Several factors contributed to this significant growth. New units had been set up in Tiszaújváros during these years, such as the second polypropylene plant in 1999 and the second high density polyethylene plant in 2004. There were significant developments also in Bratislava, as Slovnaft started up its polypropylene plant in 2005 and a new LDPE (Low density polyethylene) plant in 2017.

Our position in the Polish polyolefin market is traditionally very stable. Our TIPELIN, TIPPLEN, TIPOLEN, BRALEN+ and TATREN brands are familiar to anyone well versed in the plastics industry. Polish customers are very satisfied with the quality of polymers produced by MOL Group Chemicals. We can keep pace with the growing polyolefin consumption and maintain our market share due to our deep knowledge of the Polish market and the loyal customer basis. We are steadily launching new products and solutions to meet customers’ needs helping them in saving energy and raw material costs parallel.

MOL Group Chemicals’ Polish team makes tremendous effort to maintain and improve our presence in Poland, so let’s celebrate them as well now!