Improved HDPE grades for high performance blending of recycled HDPE

Improved thermal and colour stability of TIPELIN 6301B, 6010B and BS 502-43 simplifies economical post-consumer (PCR) or post-industrial (PIR) recycling and supports multiple recycling processes.


  • Higher share of recycled HDPE in blends without the need for extra dosing of stabiliser.
  • Potential for multiple use in the recycling loop.
  • High Stiffness and excellent Top Load Stackability.
  • High Quality Blends with recycled HDPE shares larger than 30% are possible. (*)
  • Efficient colour stability additive package.
  • Improved machine utilisation and reduction of off-spec production in stop-and-go operation.
  • More aesthetic packaging: smoother surface, very low yellowness index.
  • Downgauging opportunity due to the good stiffness/impact balance.

(*) The actual recycled HDPE share of a blend is dependent on the quality of the recycled material and on the design of the final product.


  • Bottles up to 10 litres for food packaging (without recycled HDPE content) and non-food applications
  • Packing of cosmetic products
  • Blow moulded air-ducts and reservoirs in automotive applications
  • Corrugated pipes

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